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    I know WP doesn’t do this but could I do the following instead?

    Unlock the domain name, obtain the authorisation code and then register the domain as a ‘new’ domain and provide the code to prove I own the domain when informed it is already in use? I ask GoDaddy about it and this is what they told me.


    To Transfer a Domain Name to a Different Registrar

    Here’s an overview of the transfer process when your domain name is being transferred to a different registrar. Some of these steps occur at your new registrar and some occur in your account here.

    Advise your administrative contact that the domain name is being transferred.

    Unlock your domain name. See Locking and Unlocking Your Domain Names for more information.

    If applicable, cancel your private registration. For more information, see Canceling Private Registration for Your Domain Names.

    Verify that your administrative contact is valid. For more information, see Updating Your Contact, Registrant, Administrator, Technical, or Billing Information.

    Obtain the authorization code. Some domain name extensions do not use this. Check with your new registrar to see if you need an authorization code. If you need an authorization code, see Obtaining an Authorization Code to Transfer Your Domain Name for more information.
    NOTE: For .eu domain name transfers, the authorization code is not required but can expedite the transfer.

    The registry notifies us when you authorize the transfer to the new registrar.

    We email you instructions to complete the transfer. If you do not authorize or deny the transfer request within 5 days, we automatically complete the transfer. See Accepting or Declining a Transfer to a Different Registrar for more information.

    The registry notifies your new registrar of the transfer’s acceptance or rejection.

    We email you a confirmation when the transfer completes.

    NOTE: The transfer between registrars takes from 5 to 7 days once you authorize the transfer.

    A 60-day transfer restriction period applies when a registration is new, recently transferred, updated by changing the registrant’s contact organization, or the registrant first or last name has been changed when an organization is not listed.

    The blog I need help with is



    Not entirely sure what you are after.
    Who is your current registrar, who do you want to move it to and can I ask why?



    Who is your current registrar?


    who do you want to move it?

    can I ask why?

    GoDaddy, in my opinion is horrible. It’s also cheaper.

    Sorry for not clarifying these points initially.



    Currently we do not take incoming domain transfers, sorry. I do not disagree with you either. There are other registrars of course but I have no time for when we could do what you need.



    Could you recommend a few other places I could transfer it to then? Also if I do transfer it would I have to pay to domain map it or is my current domain mapping ok?



    I can’t recommend anyone really, all have their customers who think they are great. Mine are with if your next question was a direct one :)

    Mapping would make no difference to as the mapping is the name, not to the registrar.

    Do know that when you transfer any domain to another registrar it costs. Typically they charge a renewal fee so check that first. It should be $10 or less.

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