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    I hope you can help me transfer the name of me test WP blog (wrightingmylife) to my WP soulsatisfaction blog. I do not want to use the wrightingmylife blog and will make it inactive after I transfer the domain name as I want to keep the username, e-mail address and content from soulsatisfaction. I tried to make myself the administrator on wrightingmylife but it came back as an error and would not let me do it. Please help!!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Your account does not own any domains. I only see one free site in your account,, but it’s not possible to transfer a free address to another blog, as the free address IS the blog.

    I think you might be mixing up the terminology: wrightingmylife is your USERNAME. We can also refer to that username as your ACCOUNT. An account is associated with one email address only, but can be the owner or a contributor on multiple SITES. is your site’s free address. We can also refer to that as just your SITE. A site can have multiple users, or accounts, that can access it, but only one account is the owner.

    The site title is set by you in the site settings and appears at the top of the site if you view it in a browser. Currently your site’s title is set to “Hopefully Transferring this Wrighting My Life site”

    A domain would be something like Those can be transferred between sites, but you don’t own one of those.

    With that in mind, what exactly do you want to do? If referring to a site, please use the full free URL of the site, not just the username or the site title.


    Thanks for responding but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it all straightened out via a separate inquiry.



    And a different account, it seems, as you’re now replying from a different username than you used to start this thread.

    Thanks for letting me know it’s sorted out.

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