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Transfer domain to wordpress ... ordering of events.

  1. Hi. I'm sure you've had this question before ... so forgive me. I currently have a domain hosted and administered by a local ISP. The domain is I'd like this domain to switch over to my blog ( I know that my local ISP administers my domain ... if I call them and cut them off ... how do I seemlessly transfer the domain to you without losing it? And, who pays the folks who maintain domains? I know that it costs to keep a domain. If I sign on with you - do you pay the guys who hold the domain name? I'm confused. OK. So, I sign up with you ... follow all the appropriate prompts ... and only then do I cut off my local ISP? And then I pay you each year ... to pay the folks who maintain domain registrations? Right? Please let me know the ordering of the steps I need to take to transfer over to you and substitute that for Thanks.
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there, unfortunately we don't currently accept incoming domain transfers. While you can register a new domain through, we can't accept transfers from other registrars.

    You may want to find a third-party domain registrar and transfer your domain there. Once that's gone through, you can then map the domain to your WordPress site by purchasing the domain mapping upgrade, following the directions here:

    If you need any further assistance, just let me know.

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