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    Hi there,

    I’d like to transfer followers from my blog to my new self hosted blog which is . Jet pack has been installed – your support is much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hey there!

    I’ll tag this post for staff assistance and they will perform the migration for you! Since you’ve installed Jet Pack already, you are set! Subscribe to your thread and staff will update you when the deed is done.



    Hi there – I noticed that your Jetpack connection is displaying a temporary address on this end.

    You’ll need to make sure that Jetpack is connected to with your actual domain name Otherwise you’ll have problems later with links in your emails to subscribers.

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Jetpack page in your site’s dashboard
    2. Click the “Connected to” button in order to disconnect
    3. Make sure that the domain name is displayed in your browser address bar and in the Site URL field under General -> Settings
    4. Go back to the Jetpack page in your dashboard and click “Connect to”

    Please let me know when you’ve updated your Site URL and reconnected Jetpack, and I can transfer your subscribers for you. Please also confirm which of your two similarly named sites I should transfer the followers from. Thanks!


    Thanks so much for your help! I have followed your instructions above so it should now be working.

    One other quick question, I stupidly posted last night without realising that my followers had not been transferred. Is there any way to send the post to them?



    Hi there, since a couple of days, my followers don’t seem to be displayed accurately by jet pack. Suddenly the number of follower (email and wordpress) dropped. Some people told me they’d registered but I cannot see their subscriptions. I tried myself with another email address. I activated the follow but it never appeared on jet pack. Could you please help me? I moved to a self- hosted site from in August and so far everything was working fine… My site is Thanks! Jenny


    One other thing with the subscriber transfer – is it possible to also transfer my stats to the new blog?



    Hi Eurello,

    I just realised that you’d asked another question – please transfer the followers and stats from to

    Site URL and Jetpack are now uploaded.




    Hi Jess – Sorry for the delay in my response. Your subscribers are now migrated and I merged your stats. There isn’t any way to resend the post you’ve already published, unless you copy and paste it into a new post. You might just post a welcome to your subscribers, and link to the fresh content. :)

    Jenny, I’m responding to you in your other thread about this.

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