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transfer from blogger to wordpress

  1. is there any way to transfer my blog in blogger to wordpress? what do i do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to blogger dashboard ->Select Settings ->Export Blog and download an xml file and save it to your computer. Now sign up for a blog at (no need to signup, if you already have it). Go to dashboard of your blog. ->Tools ->Import -> Select Blogger. It will take you to a file uploader. UPLOAD the saved blogger.xml file and Follow the steps to publish them on your blog. For more: search support doc

  3. thanks...importing worked but when I checked my blog it only showed the title but not the content...i've waited for over 3 hrs now...importing is still on...the only thing i haven't done is upload the xml file from my computer...what's the use of it...?

    does importing take a long time?


  4. Depends upon number of posts. If possible, try uploading the xml file again.

  5. does the downloading of xml file make a difference if i'm using mac? i have 176 posts with pics and some embedded videos and 32 comments...should i download and upload the xml file first before importing the posts?

  6. is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.

    The XML file is a specially formatted text file that should be Imported into a blog - you can't upload an XML file here - you have no FTP access.

    A link to a live blog also helps us to give you accurate advice.

  7. Good point...i actually deleted that blog today knowing that the transfer didn't work well. i thought deleting it was the best way to re start again...i signed up again with a different were visible but not the content...

    does using the mac make a difference? or does xml file only work in windows?

    every time i downloaded and uploaded the xml file in my always tells me successful and what i usually do is click the import again...and wait for sometime...does it really take hours and hours to transfer 176 posts?


  8. here's the link:

    how do i get an FTP access?

  9. You can't get FTP access here - it is a security issue.

    The processing of the XML file should not make a difference between a Mac and a PC because all your computer is used for is to transfer a file from your old site to your computer then onto the WordPress.COM web site - all the processing is done on the web site.

    It can take a while for the files to be processed, depends on the load on the servers for the Import process. I don't know what the backlog is at this time, when Microsoft killed their Spaces Blog and everyone was transferring to WordPress.COM the backlog was around 24 hours, but they transferred several million blogs in a few weeks.

    The Staff can reset the import process if it gets hung up (once in a while the import process gets stuck).

    NEVER delete a blog - the URL is then gone FOREVER even from you. There is nothing that can't be undone with some help from the Forum or the Staff.

  10. thanks a lot...

    if i get you right...keep trying...for as long as importing is it ok? just wait? or what's the sign that files are being transferred?

    the process didn't hang's just that it was taking too long over 2, i thought it wasn't working well...then, i deleted the blog...thinking i can still get it back...

    that's why i was surprised the blog name was no longer available when i signed up again...

    thanks for the info...well appreciated...

  11. Sign is showing a little/whole contents of your posts. Regularly access you posts and see "are they increasing?" [List of posts could be found here: Dashboard ->Posts]

  12. thanks again...the title of the post is showing but the content (write up) does not...should I just wait and keep waiting and hitting the import button?

    are you saying my xml file download and upload was successful?

    if yes, that means, i don't need to have an FTP access?

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