Transfer from Blogger to WP while on a unique domain?

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    I’ve seen a post about how to transfer from Blogger to WordPress using the Manage menu but how is this done when I have a unique domain? Blogger is posting my content at
    Can anyone explain how to move Blogger to WP and get WP publishing there?

    Oh! and its more complicated in that I have a subdomain for my feeds on which a CNAME publishes Feedburner to




    I’m afraid I can’t help with the more technical aspects of the move (which are pretty standard as far as I’m aware, someone should be able to help you with that fairly quickly) but I do think I’d better warn you about the ads; they’re against policy here at and will have to all be stripped out. If you want to keep them but use WordPress software, you can find a web host and install software from, which is written by the same guys and runs very similarly.



    We’re not going to be able to handle the feeds as a subdomain either here at Best bet would be with the software and your own hosting.



    OOPS! You’d better duck because drmike had something to say to me about bringing advertising to attention on the forum by telling a blogger that it was not allowed. I’m assuming that the very same instructions drmike gave me also apply to you and everyone else too.

    TT, I really think you shouldn’t worry about calling folks out here in the forums.

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