Transfer from to .org Can I have a hapiness engineer please

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    Hi I had 3 sites with you which I transferred to Enterprise theme – they are now & (previously with you they had simmiliar names but eg Idotcouk etc etc

    A specific problem on the Blog page has arrisen whereby it seems to have picked up the front page slider somehow.

    I am not technical – apasrt from completely reloading the theme StudioPress (theme supplier) are at a bit of a loss ie haven’t come across before.

    I would like for a one off Guided Transfer fee for the situation to be looked at & resolved – can you help please Wer are of course based in the UK & hosted here Eukhost.




    Hello there,
    If you have paid for a guided transfer and Staff have been helping you with a guided transfer, then you can continue to get support from them by email. Please check your email client spam filter and also white list emails coming from


    I haven’t paid for one I am asking if it would be possible to use this resource paying for it now to look at this specific problem on the 3 sites & to rectify it.

    I would appreciate any help or guidance that you could give us..



    I’ have flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    Hi theinformationi,

    I’m afraid that’s beyond the scope of the Guided Transfer Upgrade. I took a quick look at your sites though, and it looks like you bought Enterprise from StudioPress. If that’s the case, they may be able to offer some guidance on the situation.

    If not, I’d highly recommend the WordPress community at large:

    Hope that helps.


    Ok Shame :)

    I’ll certainly try your suggestion though – Thanks for the tip


    PS I presume you will close this thread now

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