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    okay. I have a website,, its a blog, now i dont have nothing, no posts, no comments, nothing at all yet. so when I tried to export it, it said invalid and error, is that because its completely empty blog. You see I wanted a music blog because i am a producer and then i registered domain and now i want to transfer my domain and blog to selfhosted before i even start posting and stuff because i want to get music theme customized so i can have songs playing throughout my blog.

    So can someone tell me, how do i transfer the domain, right now, im leaning towards blue host and host gator. how do i transfer my domain over to them and my blog

    please help me, i am one heck of a producer but I have no knowledge on programming and internet

    The blog I need help with is



    Is this a duplicate of your previous question?


    My bad.


    I dont know how to transfer domain



    Read the instructions at the link from @airodyssey.

    If your domain name has been registered less than 60 days it can’t be transferred – that is an ICAN regulation to prevent fraud – you can however change where the name servers are pointed – that info should be at the link above –


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    I’ll close this duplicate thread. Please refer to the link from airodyssey above.

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