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transfer my domain name to wordpress

  1. I know i can find this topic, but i still don;t understand ...
    I have make a new and want to transfer my domain name which host by . which will expire in 60 day to my new wordpress.
    Can you tell me what do i need to do ? What's Domain Mapping ? Is it the best way that i can just cancel it from and re buy my domain name ? thank you so much !!!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Don't cancel your domain, it will go onto the market and someone else could buy it. You don;t have to transfer the domain to wordpress, you can just change the name servers, buy the domain mapping upgrade, and continue to keep the domain registered.

    I don't know the details of transferring a domain to the registrar, but I wanted to warn you not to cancel it.

  3. OK, what do I change the name servers to exactly. there are two boxes to fill in.????

  4. @codysmovinggroup and tandava108 - does not accept incoming domain transfers.

  5. @karamstudio212 can you be a little more specific about what you are trying to do? Did you purchase your domain from or a different registrar?

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