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Transfer of Stats

  1. I transferred my site including all posts, comments, etc. to another self hosted site. It is essentially the same site except with a forum and a few other features that I could not previously utilize.

    The issue that I'm having is that, although these articles have accumulated around 200,000 hits, those previous stats have evaporated. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this, or even if it was possible to keep those previous stats on my new site.

    I apologize if this is considered too much of a question, however, I have tried that forum repeatedly with no response and, since I feel that the issue may have taken place during the actual exporting of the XML from, someone may know about this.

    I'd appreciate any help that you could provide, even if that involves redirecting me elsewhere.

  2. You'll need to satff for this matter.


  3. Oops

    You'll need to contact staff for this issue to hopefully be resolved

  4. edwardiangaiety

    Has this issue been resolved?

  5. No, there really isn't anyway to keep the stats. If you are using sitemeter, statcounter or activemeter though you might be able to set a starting number. I know you can with activemeter for sure.

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