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    Hi there. I’d like to transfer my subscribers and followers to my new blog. I transferred to a self-hosted site the other day, but I’m still using wordpress and pointed my old site to my new site. I’ve got the appropriate jetpack widget installed etc. and now according to the instructions I read here, I just need to contact you to get the transfer completed.


    The blog I need help with is



    Provided you have installed and activated the JetPack plugin on your install, and you post the relevant URL(s) into a forum thread, Staff will do the transfer of both subscribers and stats for you. Do that now please as I have tagged this thread for their attention.


    Hi there. The JetPack is installed on my .org install. The URL is I’ve retained the same URL as before and pointed my old .com blog to the new one. Thanks.



    Please let Staff know if you want your stats transferred as well. Thank you and please be patient while waiting for Staff to make the move for you.


    Yes I would please. And thanks. No worries. I’ll be patient. :)


    Hey Anne,

    I have moved over all your subscribers from to as requested.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Happy blogging!


    Thanks for doing the transfer so quickly. I do have a question though. The stats on my old site say I had 1487 followers. How come the new one is only 348?



    Ola, eu tenho 2 blogs.
    1:, que tinha o e-mail cadastrado com (email redacted) que mudei para o mesmo e-mail do meu 2o blog:
    Agora, nao consigo entrar no 1o blog. POis o e-mail alterado, é do meu 2o blog.Preciso entrar para alterar telefones e e-mail, pois estou em outra empresado mesmo segmento. Podem me ajudar?


    Raquel Prado 11 7867-2982



    Please post to the support forum for your own language:
    Português (Portuguese):
    Português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese):



    Hi Anne – If you had Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking service connected on the old site, the number of followers you have on those services were also included in your follower count. But Jetpack-connected blogs don’t count those followers in the total like does.

    @raquelprado, the blog is owned by a different user account, and the email for that account is not (email redacted) but a different email address.


    I thought that might be the answer but wasn’t positive. Thanks for the quick response.



    é assim. eu tenho 2 blogs. o, eu tenho acesso e sei a conta de e-mail.
    o, eu alterei o e-mail, para o mesmo e-mail do raquelprado. Sendo assim, quanto acesso com o e-mail ( que agora é igual para os dois) apenas entro no raquelprado.

    Podem me ajudar. Preciso cancelar o blog nautikacoolers ou alterar o numero de telefone do contato.




    can send me just the login I find the password here.





    @raquelprado I’m sending you an email about this.



    OK, I believe I’ve done everything TT required and am ready for my subscribers to be transferred from to

    Thanks, guys!



    Hi Jacqui – Ok, you’re all moved. :)



    Thanks, Eurello. You made this move painless.

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