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  1. thenaturalginger

    Hey WP world - I've successfully made the transition from .com to .org self hosted... almost. I've been reading the forums about how to get my subscribers transferred over. Is there anyone out there that can help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey there -

    If you have not already, please install the Jetpack plugin. I will flag this thread for staff assistance, and they will be able to transfer your subscribers for you. Please subscribe to this thread and they will contact you once the transfer is complete!

  3. thenaturalginger

    Thanks - I have installed the Jetpack plugin. I'll watch this thread for updates :)

  4. Hello,

    I see you have connected your site correctly with Jetpack. However, you have multiple accounts here at please let us know which account you would like your subscribers moved from and we'll get taken care of.


  5. thenaturalginger

    The blog I need help with is

  6. Hello there,

    Don't mean to repeat myself here however, you have multiple blogs here at There is no undo on follower transfers so I need to double check. You want to move follows from to

  7. thenaturalginger

    Hi again - sorry for the confusion. I didn't even realize there were two blogs set up! I believe all the followers are linked to (as opposed to the one) as it appears that's where all of my posts and followers are in the dashboard. Thanks!

  8. thenaturalginger

    I take it back! When I hove over blog admin, it's blog's' followers that I'm trying to move to, which is now self hosted over at


  9. No Worries,

    I have transferred your followers as requested. Let us know if you need anything else :)

  10. thenaturalginger

    Are you able to transfer the statistics I had accumulated on the old blog over as well?

  11. Sure things, consider it done. You just had to ask :)

  12. Hi

    I have emailed support on 3 separate occassions for help moving my subscribers from to site, is there any way of finding out when the email might be answered? I have installed JEtpack as requested.

  13. Hello @njhussein,

    I have looked into your request. Your subscribers were successfully transferred by another Happiness Engineer. Please check your email for more information. thanks :)

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