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    I added a blog to an account I have and (2 blogs), then decided to separate them.. I created a new account and transfered the blog, but I need to transfer the premium theme.. how can i pull this off?..or at least get my money back for the first blog and I’ll re-buy it..

    The blog I need help with is



    also I upgraded to the Value bundle and need to transfer or cancel and re-buy that as well..



    btw…the name of the blog the theme and upgrade bundle were transferred from was from user: earthbasicsearthwork


    I was able to cancel the upgrade bundle, i just now need help canceling the premium theme to re-purchase



    You need Staff help and I have tagged this thread for their attention. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond.


    right on, thank you



    You’re welcome.



    I canceled the premium theme and refunded the money back to your Feel free to purchase the Debut theme on a different blog.


    coolness…thank you.



    when can i expect to see that transaction, as I show the premium theme still active in my billing information on earthbasicsearthwork….. Also, once the theme and upgrade bundle are
    refunded, how long does it take to show up on my paypal or bank statement…(as it hasn’t yet)



    The premium theme was canceled from the blog ‘’. The money has been refunded to your, not your paypal or bank statement.

    We are only able to offer a full refund if we receive notification within 30 days of the purchase.



    OK…Apparently I’m not making myself clear on the situation.. I apologize..
    -I currently run a site/blog with the url address http://www.earthbasics.net__linked to–(
    -I originally bought the ‘debut’ premium theme to run for this back in June and I’m happy with it. (this site/blog is all good)
    -I recently decided to create another site/blog and did it under the ‘earthbasicsearthwork’ username and account that is associated with the url.. (name of new site/blog
    -I purchased the upgraded bundle and premium ‘debut’ theme to go along with this site/blog. (
    -I then decided I wanted to keep the two sites/blogs on separate accounts (make them independent of each other)
    -I created a new username and account (
    -I transferred the beginning stages of the site/blog over to the new independent account (
    -I was looking for a way to transfer the upgrade bundle as well as the premium theme I paid for ($99.00 + $75.00)
    -I learned this to not be possible and I would have to ask for a refund on the bundle upgrade and premium theme purchase
    -I would then buy the upgrade bundle and premium theme for the new and independent ( account

    >>So far in my account, I see that I have been “refunded” for the upgrade bundle purchase ($99.00) but not yet for the premium theme purchase…
    I was wondering how I am going to see that money come back to me, so I’m am then able to make the new purchases (upgrade bundle and premium theme)

    >>I really appreciate your time on this, happy holidays!



    I see you’ve already re-purchased the Debut premium theme on your blog. Thank you.

    You recently deleted the domain. Is this what you eventually wanted?

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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