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    I am very new to all this transferring busy, so please bear with me. I have a hosting account and a QuickBlog account with Godaddy. I’ve been told I can not import WordPress into my quickblog account, but I would like to import it to my hosting account. I downloaded some ftp utility (FTP Master) but I have no idea what to do next.

    Can I download my wordpress blog onto my hard drive and then import it into blogger somehow?

    If anyone has the time to give me step by step instructions (that are easy for an idiot like me to follow), it would be GREATLY appreciated.



    There are currently no options for downloading the contents of your .com blog to a backup for use elsewhere. “They” say there are plans for this in future. This “future” might be a long time coming. At this point I believe the only possible way to get any of your .com blog contents is with an RSS feed, and that accomplishes posts only, not comments.

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