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    I have a blog on wordpress. I upgraded it sometime last year, so that I could have a custom name: instead of

    My upgrade is about to expire in May.

    I have installed onto my private domain hosted by where I have my main website:
    and want to move my wordpress hosted blog there, but retain the name

    I would prefer to be hosted by bluehost and use, so that I can monetize my blog as well as having access to plugins etc.

    Is there a way that wordpress can retire the name early so that I can buy it through bluehost, or can someone help me transfer it. who do I contact to facilitate this process. I don’t want to wait until May when it expires. I would prefer to do this now.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Kat,

    You don’t want to wait for it to expire and try to purchase again. There are too many folks who try to make a quick buck by automatically purchasing expire domains as soon as possible.

    With, you can change the settings to point to BlueHost or you could transfer the domain to a different registrar (like, etc).


    If you’re happy with renewing your domain with, you’ll just need to change the nameservers. Verify with BlueHost, but they’ll typically be something like and

    Again, verify that with BlueHost before changing anything, but to give you an idea of what a nameserver address looks like.

    The important thing is to either 1) renew it or 2) transfer it before it expires. Rebuying an expired domain can be a real pain, and often not possible if a squatter picks it up.

    Hope that helps. Cheers!

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