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Transfer blog to another user

  1. Hi all,

    I would like to know if there is any way I could transfer a blog to another wordpress used completly.

    Say, I have with jeygokul as owner. Can I transfer it to some other user X totally.

    Would a deletion of blog and recreation with same name for different user would work??


  2. FAQ > How do I add more authors / users to my blog? [screencast]

    FAQ > Please delete my blog
    [Why Not To Delete Your Blog]

    Please next time consider searching the FAQ & forums
    before posting there is many threads on this topic

  3. To answer your question Add the user as a admin
    then have them remove you from the blog then
    they will have 100% ownership after removing you.

  4. Hi teck07,

    I am sorry, probably I did not explain it all.

    I have added the new user(as Administrator) to whom I wanted to move the blog to. When he tries to delete my id from the users, he is getting a error saying

    "You don't have permission to remove this user."

    This is what made me come to the forum. I think I am missing something minor here.


  5. the user need to be set as admin you need to change
    them to admin before they can delete you for the blog

    If they still get the error after the set to admin then
    you'll need to contact staff.

  6. oops that is sup post to read as.

    If they still get the error after the set to admin then

    If they still get the error after you set them to admin then

  7. Hi teck07,

    Sorry to bug you again...Is there some other way to mark as user as "admin" other than assigning the Administrator role?

    I checked for some other options till now, could not find it...


  8. It's no longer possible to remove the original owner of a blog without staff intervention. Please contact support, they can help.

  9. Thank you tellyworth..!!

  10. @tellyworth-if so, this FAQ needs editing.

    If I understand correctly then, assuming a user has more than one account, they also can't transfer any blogs they run between their usernames without Staff intervention?

  11. Yes...that means it Jennifer. Thats how I understood it.

  12. Wow Sorry jeygokul,

    I wasn't aware of this change en till Telly, mentioned
    something about it.

    I wonder if this change has to do something
    with all the CP Drama in the past.

  13. @teck07-was that a question? :/

  14. Nope a statement. :P

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