Transfering a domain and Blog on an already user

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    I have to manage 2 blogs (1 in French and 1 in English) with 2 domains name
    Always Dare and Toujours Oser – I open 2 accounts with 2 bills but I would like to know if it is possible to login in only 1 account and manage 2 blogs instead of always connect and disconnect from an account to another
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, we can handle this for you.

    Just let us know:

    • the address of the second site
    • the second username
    • which user you would like to own both accounts

    Please request the transfer of ownership by posting here while logged into the second user account to confirm that you would like this done. Thanks!



    The address of the second site is
    France Laure –



    Sorry, just a bit confused by your answer.

    Do you want toujoursoser to own both accounts, or franceenglish?



    The user that I would like to keep is France Laure where I can manage two blogs Toujours Oser and Always Dare. The domain name for these two blogs are and

    Sorry I am French and maybe I didn’t understand your questions correctly.



    Hi there, thanks for the clarifications. To confirm:

    Site #1:

    Site #2:

    Which user do you want to own both sites? toujoursoser or franceenglish? If it’s franceenglish, could you please log in as that user and add a message here confirming that’s what you’d like done?

    C’est quel utilisateur que vous voulez soit le “propriétaire” des deux sites – toujoursoser ou franceenglish? Si c’est franceenglish (et non toujoursoser), pouvez-vous SVP ajouter un message ici pour confirmer ça, en étant connecté (logged in) comme cet utilisateur?

    Thanks – merci!



    I want to get toujoursoser as the owner of the both sites.



    Excellent – thanks for clarifying.

    One last request – could you still please log in here as franceenglish and confirm that you’d like us to turn over ownership of to the user toujoursoser?

    This way we can confirm that you are indeed the owner of both sites. Merci!

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