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    Hello All,

    I have a blog hosted by, and I have it mapped to my subdomain: Anyway, I need run it in a sub directory:, and am unsure about the best way to do it while preserving all the traffic, links, and seo juice that the blog already has. Can anyone help me make the transfer? Much thanks in advance.



    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry, but you are not able to map a subdirectory (e.g. to your blog.


    Thanks timethief,

    I already understand that, but I am looking to run the blog off of my own server so that I can have it in a subdirectory. I need to transfer everything to my server while preserving all the permalinks, traffic, etc. Thanks.


    All links to your subdomain blog, internal and external will have to be manually edited. You will then have to do a permanent redirect in the control files at your new blog installation. External links (on other sites) can be problematic to get fixed. Some site owners are very willing to do that, but others are not.

    As far as the search engines are concerned, moving it from a subdomain to a subdirectory will mean starting over with them. Your ranking will go back to zero.

    When you move away from wordpress.COM and to the new hosted installation of wordpress, your traffic stats will start over again from zero also. If you go with something like sitemeter or statcounter, you might be able to enter a starting number for your hits. You will have to check with them individually to determine if that is possible though. I know you can with at least one of them, but cannot remember which one.


    I should mention that the starting from zero with the search engines will only be for new content (after the changeover). All the older links (which you will be redirecting) will still retain their search engine ranking for a while.

    I would say that it will take about 3 to 6 months to regain your overall ranking.



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    You can enter a starting number on Sitemeter.
    Great summary BTW.


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    And thanks for verifying the sitemeter thing.


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    Thanks for your advice TSP,

    Do you know if there is a step-by-step how guide for this process? I am a relative neophyte and quite scared of ruining my blog if I make an error. Again, much thanks!


    As far as the installation on the web host, many web hosts offer a one-click install feature for wordpress software which will set up the database, install and configure wordpress. You will have to check with your web host about that. If they do not, then you will have to go through the instructions posted over at http://wordpress.ORG. It isn’t too difficult, but it does require a little knowledge such as how to FTP to your web host account. The wordpress documentation is pretty good.

    Past that, it is just a matter of exporting your blog from here and importing it into the new site. You will also be given the opportunity to transfer all of your images and attachments as well during the process.




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    Thanks again TSP!

    could you perhaps explain a bit further what you mean by, “You will then have to do a permanent redirect in the control files at your new blog installation.” Thanks!


    It’s a little chuck of code that goes into a .htaccess file and will redirect all URL’s to .

    It can also be done via a plugin which makes it less complex and does not require you to dig into the underbelly of the beast.


    Thanks again TSP,

    Can I access the .htaccess file if my blog is currently hosted by & it is only mapped to



    You can access .htaccess if your host lets you. will not let you. Some other hosts will.


    Could I install wordpress on, have my hosted site continue to redirect there, and then access the htaccess file on to redirect to Would this work?

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