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Transfering blogger to wordpress.

  1. how would I do this ?
    I read you can but can't find where.
    Thank you
    i mean transfer a blog to this///

  2. /

  3. I read the other posts and when i click 'my dashboard' i don't see an import button
    thanks for any help.

  4. I hope this helps you locate the button -> dashboard -> manage -> import

  5. It didn't transfer everything for me. Whats up with that? Now I am scared. Help wanted.. :(

  6. This thread may be helpful. You need to go back to Blogger and go into your Blogger profile and change your archiving options to "No Archive." Then, when you import, the entire blog will come along to WordPress

  7. GPaul, there was no need to spam the forums with your question. Please don't do it again.

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