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Transfering domain name to new registrar

  1. Yesterday I followed necessary procedures to transfer my domain name to a Greek registrar, as the website is being rebuilt as a non-WP site and we need the current domain name ( to match the new, reconstructed, stand-alone website.
    The process with the authorization code was followed normally but there is a problem. The domain name was locked (private) and I didn't unlock it before the transfer application was submitted. As a result, the application was denied. But on my admin panel at the Greek registrar to which I want to transfer the domain name, the transfer process is still pending, not cancelled. Shouldn't it also be displayed as cancelled?

    The problem is we running out of time as the new website is to be delivered and online during the weekend. Reapplying for the transfer is not possible at the moment as the 1st process is still pending. Is there any case that the transfer will actually happen (I unlocked the domain name after asking for the transfer process to begin).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone?? I there a way to contact some kind of official support for this issue???

  3. This thread has been flagged for Staff attention.

  4. You'll need to cancel the first process with the receiving registrar, then start again.

  5. The receiving registrar told me that I should wait for the process to be completed. I asked them if they can cancel the 1st attempt in order to be able to reapply but they just told me to wait. I've been waiting 2 days now and the domain name transfer process is still "pending" on their admin panel.

    Should I ask them again to cancel the 1st attempt or is it possible that they'll finally acept the domain??

  6. Yes, we have no control over it from this end, so they would need to stop the process.

  7. I just send them another email explaining that, I'm waiting for reply...

  8. They'll try to cancel the 1st transfer application or resend their approoval. Let's see what happens.

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