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transfering from Enterprise to Inuit

  1. Hi, I am currently trying to change my theme from enterprise to inuit. One of the things i like about the inuti theme is the two column lay out. When i swich themes however not only do i only get one column but i also have no images!

  2. Please post an active link to the exact blog in question starting with http://
    The one linked to your username is wearing Elegant Grunge.

  3. The Inuit theme has a different way of displaying images. Did you insert the images into the posts, or did you JUST make them Featured Images? I see images in your posts. Have you checked under Appearance->Theme options to see if your new theme has a two column option?

  4. this has now been resolved.

    I did not have any menus created therefore I could not edit them. noob question figured it out.

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