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    Hello, i own a blog with ( and today i transfered to My new URL is and i would like to move my followers and stats there

    I already purchased a site redirect



    But have you set up Jetpack on your self-hosted site? That plugin needs to be installed on your self-hosted site before Staff can transfer the information for you.


    Yes, i have



    OK then, I’ve tagged this for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to this discussion so you’ll see their reply and thanks for being patient while waiting for their reply because they have a bit of a backlog.


    Ok, thank you



    Hi! I have the same issue here. I have blog And I want to move my stats and Followers to blog I have installed Jetpack too. @justjennifer Can u tag my case for Staff assistance, please?


    Hello, any progress with this?


    Hello, anybody?



    Hello, I have my own blog at and had stat for the last 2 years using JetPack, all working fine. Because I had some troubles with my WP beyond repair I created a new WP install, exported everything from my old blog to the new one, all working fine, except for all my stats are gone. I guess that a new blog_id was created which doesn’t match the old one and therefore references a new account for the stats. Is it possible to merge my old stats with the new one? I researched but there is only little info out. Thanks.



    @rockingcloset – I transferred your followers to your new blog at, as requested.

    Your email followers will continue to receive email updates, and your followers will continue to see your new posts in the Reader. If your followers would like to receive email updates, as well, they can subscribe via email on your new blog.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about that!

    @paaxsound – It looks like you’ve already been taken care of in this forum thread:

    @ulrichlamb – Please start a new forum thread with your question so we can track your support request. Thanks!


    Thank you Rachel, i see the stats are transferred but the subscribers still haven’t . When i visit my stats, it says that i’ve got 1 follower, though i had plenty more at the old blog



    Sorry about that! I forgot to mention that because of the number of subscribers you had on your blog, it may take some time for the transfer to finish. If your subscribers don’t show up in the next day or so, please reply here to let me know and I can take another look for you!

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