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    I’ve set up a blog on which is almost perfect, the only thing is that i can’t edit the header in the ocean mist theme (that is the actual title bar, not the ‘customisable header’ which i now understand just to mean the picture), which unfortunately i have now decided is vital… doh

    So as far as i can see i’ll have to transfer to to do that.

    The problem i’m having is that i’d really like to keep the domain I already have;, and set up the blog there.
    How would i go about that?

    The blog I need help with is



    Why don’t you tell us exactly what you want to do with the header? Maybe it’s possible here.

    If you want to move off, then you need to look at for instructions and support.


    Fair comment

    What i want to do is put two images into the title bar; a logo and a mug shot of my face



    No, you cannot place images in the title bar. Do you mind me asking why you want to do that?



    The title bar is for text. If you already knew CSS well and bought the paid upgrade, you could probably do this, but not if you don’t already know your CSS and have the upgrade.

    Do NOT buy it if you don’t already know CSS, because you’re on your own with it. We’ve had a rash of people saying “I bought the upgrade to change this one thing, now what do I do?” and basically, their option is to wait an indeterminate amount of time till one of the two bloggers who knows CSS here answers or to go to Google.

    Also, my two cents: that would look REALLY messy.



    The title bar is where the URL for your blog goes. This link is THE most important link in the entire blog. Why you would want to inject 2 images into that URL is beyond me.

    Perhaps what you really mean is you want a favicon/blavatar > to appear in the upper browser bar just before the http://
    If that’s the case then see here >


    Fair comment

    What i want to do is put two images in the title bar above the header image, where the blog title is. A logo and a picture of me.

    It would certainly be far better a solution for me if it were possible to do that on
    I focused my question towards transfering to because my understanding is that it just isn’t possible to put images into that title bar.

    If anyone knows different, I would love to know!


    Holy shise

    I thought my last post got lost.




    lol … not to worry

    I believe you mean a favicon AKA blavatar and that is possible. See the link I posted above.


    Ok, so when i say title bar, i may be using the wrong term.

    What i mean is the coloured bar at the top of the page above the image, where it says in my blog:
    Power of Perspective
    Empathy-Centred Life Fulfilment Coaching with Laurence Davies

    Sorry for lack of terminology and posting confusion!



    No, I see what you mean. Like I said, the solution is to learn CSS and then buy the upgrade and make the change. Even if you were at you’d have to make the change to the CSS yourself anyway; that’s how it’s done.



    That’s a no go. We cannot access the template files, let alone, edit our templates at as tis is a shared blogging environment. We are all working on a multiuser blogging platform and that means that very blog “wearing” the same theme is, in essence, using the same template. Consequently, only Staff can access and edit those templates because whatever changes they make will be evident in all blogs “wearing” the same theme.

    As I have both blogs and a install I can tell you right now that you are not going to find an of-the-rack ready to go theme that’s coded to include two images in the Title line (a text field) of any theme. If you hire a coder then you may be able to get what you want, but I guarantee that search engine spiders are not going to be expecting to find images in what is a text field and what is in fact THE most important link in your entire blog. IMO mucking about with THE most important URL in your entire blog and risking search spider confusion when they discover images in a text filed is an ill thought out plan. Why don’t run that “idea” by Matt Cutts of Google and see what he has to say about what the search spider response would be and what consequences may ensue?

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