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    I am trying to cut and paste a post from one of my blogs to another.

    I cut the text out of the html editor for this post:

    and pasted into a new post here:

    Why are the images on the patientobservations blog so large? I just cut and pasted the html text directly from one blog to the next.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    The images on the patientobservations site are smaller than on somesortofwedding to me.


    hm. when i view them on patientobservations, they are huge and running off the side of the page. Could it be the browser I’m using? I’m using Safari 5.0.3


    sorry – one more thing: I did manage to shrink the first 7 pics by manually entering new dimensions in the html. Scroll down past the 7th picture and maybe you will see how they are too big?

    I want to know why the pictures are so large in the first place so that, perhaps, I can avoid having to manually enter new sizes for all of them. There are a lot of pics!


    Obviously thesacredpath is talking about the first few images while you’re talking about the rest.

    The images had been inserted at a width of 1024px (which means you had probably created the page while using a flexible width theme). The themes in both blogs constrain the images to the width of the main column, but the width in the second blog is larger, so the images get enlarged in relation to the first.


    Thanks for the reply. I’m not too wordpress savvy, so while I kind of understand your answer, I’m not sure what to do to solve the problem. Any ideas or do I have to go in and manually change them or reload the pics into the new blog?

    Thank you again for your time.


    When you originally inserted those images, you selected the “full-size” option. Selecting that option means the image will be inserted at the maximum width allowed for the theme you’re using (if it’s wider than that maximum). In flexible-width themes this is set to 1024px, in Pilcrow it’s 500px, in Clean Home it’s 590px.

    Your images had been inserted at 1024px: as I said, this means you didn’t insert them while using Pilcrow but while using a different, flexible-width, theme. When you switched to Pilcrow, they were constrained to 500px, but in Clean Home they are constrained to 590px.

    Unfortunately there’s no way to batch edit images: if you don’t like them that large, you’ll have to downsize them one by one.

    On another issue: your images link to the real-size original when clicked. Is that intentional or not?


    Thank you panaghiotisadam!

    I ended up just changing the theme on my patientobservations blog to Coraline and everything looks better – I didn’t want to go back and change each pic individually.

    It was not intentional that clicking on my images would link to a real-size original. Is it a problem, do you think? What other options are there when clicking on a photo?

    Thanks again for your help.


    Sorry, by the time you replied I had left on vacation.

    Options when clicking on a photo explained here:

    You’ve been wasting your storage space by uploading unnecessarily huge files (the one I checked is 4MB large, 3648px wide, resolution 180dpi). For future posts, you should make copies of your images, edit them in an image editing application to change their resolution to 72 (which is what all browsers display) and their width to the right width for the theme you’re using, and upload and insert those copies. Apart from saving storage space, this will give you better quality too – see here:

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