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    Hello WordPress,

    I currently two accounts; the1jasontaylor and uwohollywood.

    I renamed the “the1jasontaylor” account to “notthe1jasontaylor”, and then tried to rename “uwohollywood” to “the1jasontaylor”. I was then planning to move my “” blog to from the “not” account for to the “uwo” account.

    However, it appears the “the1jasontaylor” account name is now locked.

    Is there any way I can unlock it this account name for use?

    The blog I need help with is



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    Hi there,

    So the new the1jasontaylor account got locked because of a duplicate email address. I can help you take care of this, but if you could change the email account on notthe1jasontaylor account first (it wants to be the same as the new the1jasontaylor account), I can make that change.



    Hi Zandyring,

    My apologies for the delay. I have changed the email account for the “not” account to a different email address.

    Could you please change my “uwohollywood” account to “the1jasontaylor”?

    Thank you,



    Hi Jason,

    I’ve updated your email address for the new the1jasontaylor account, so you should be able to log into that now.

    You should be able to add your new (updated) user account to the blog you’d like it to be attached to as an admin, by visiting the Dashboard of that blog, then going to Users > Add New and emailing that user account email address.

    I hope that helps!


    Hi there,

    I’m not sure what was done in this instance.

    I currently have two accounts.
    1) “uwohollywood”, which is using the email address “(email redacted)”.
    2) “notthe1jasontaylor”, which is using the email address “(email redacted)”

    I tried to rename “uwohollywood” to “the1jasontaylor”, but it said that account name was still in use. I tried to log in to “the1jasontaylor”, but none of my passwords worked, and I never received an email notification to any of my password requets.

    Can you please advise as to what changes were made to the “the1jasontaylor” account? All I want to do is rename “uwohollywood” to “the1jasontaylor”.

    My other account is

    I then tried to log on to “the1jasontaylor”, and none of my passwords worked. I asked it to send an email



    Sorry, replied from the wrong account. But the above message is still valid. I am not sure what was done, or what steps I have to take to rename the account as per my request.

    Can you please advise?



    If a user account already exists, you can’t rename an exiting user account with that name.

    To log into the new the1jasontaylor account, you should go to log in and click to reset your password, or just go here:

    No changes were made to the account – I unlocked it for you so you could regain access.

    What you can do is make the account you want to keep an administrator on any blog/s you own with another user account, and then you can choose to transfer ownership of the blog/s to the account you want to keep, or just continue on like that:



    Thank you for your assistance, I was able to regain access to the “the1jasontaylor” account.

    I was able to transfer two of the blogs to this account. But the third ( is locked. The only option available to me is “Leave Blog”. I am not presented with the option to “Transfer Blog”.

    Can this option be unlocked so that I can transfer it from my “uwohollywood” account to my “the1jasontaylor” account?



    Hey again,

    So I checked, and since it is owned by someone else, that user would have to do the transfer. If they want to comment here instead I can help!


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