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transferring blog from to self-hosted wordpress

  1. Hi,
    I have NOT purchased my domain ( via was already purchased and hosted on a third-party hosting provider.

    I got my hosting provider to change the DNS name servers to point to I made the mistake of mapping the domain to my blog (at this point of time, I didn't realize that I actually wanted to install wordpress on my own domain & hosting servers).

    Question is -- How do I now undo this mistake? How can I move my blog / domain back to my own third-party hosting provider? What settings do I need to change for this & where?

    The only similar topic I've found in the support FAQs so far is -- related to transferring domains & hosting providers, but for those domains which were purchased via Mine is not one of those. Hence, I'm not able to get the "Domain Management" link on my "Store --> Domains" on my Dashboard.

    Would appreciate any help on this asap.

    PS: If it helps to provide additional context....why I need to host my blog on my own hosting servers is because ultimately, I want to install a custom theme (purchased via third-party wordpress themes...NOT the "premium themes"). For that, I need to be running wordpress on a self-hosted domain.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Param. If I understand correctly, you want to cancel your domain mapping upgrade?
    Please contact staff directly about this at [email redacted]

    You will need to change the nameserver information for your .in domain name back to what it was before. If you need assistance, contact your new hosting provider.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the response. Yes, I am trying to cancel (or un-do) my domain mapping upgrade. I've written to the [email redacted] email with details.

    Will they change the nameserver back to what it was before, or will my new hosting provide have to do that?

    Thanks a ton.


  4. As I said before, you will need to change the nameserver information.

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