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Transferring blog to a new user account of the same name as the blog

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to do the same thing as detailed in this post:

    The solution given in that thread was to contact support, which I did 5 days ago but haven't got a response yet! Seeing as that thread is over 2 years old, I was wondering if anyone knew whether there was now a way of doing this without going through support? Or if not, how long will it usually take for a support request to be replied to?


  2. You should simply be able to invite them via email instead of username.

  3. Sorry, but this doesn't seem to fix the problem that I'm having. Even if I invite someone (myself...) via email, they can't create a new user account with the same name as my blog.

    What I want to do is transfer the blog, for example, (currently under username julianparmar) to a new username called myblogname. (I won't post the actual blog name, as the entire point of this is to disconnect it from my username!)

    I think that usually it isn't possible to create a new user account with the same name as an existing blog, even though there is no account with that name. Given that I own the blog, I want to know if I can circumvent this restriction and setup a user account called myblogname.

    I know that it is possible to circumvent this via contacting support, as the user in the thread that I posted did, but I was wondering if there is another way to do it (given that the earlier thread was posted 2 years ago).

  4. Ah, now I see that. Yes, you apparently will have to contact support unless they want to create a different username.

  5. Ok, thanks! Do you know how long it normally takes for support requests to be replied to?

  6. For anyone who finds this thread vis search, I contacted support and they sorted this out for me. It took 9 days to get a reply (I think they're quite busy...), but hang in there!

  7. @julianparmar
    What exactly do you mean by "they sorted this out the way I wanted?" Please expand and note that I'm asking beacuse we Volunteers certainly do not want to be posting incorrect answers.

  8. Sure.

    For anyone who's reading:

    I had 3 blogs on this account, let's call them, and (the entire point of this exercise was to remove connections between my name and these blogs, so I won't use the actual blog names).

    I realised that I had created the bad and ugly blogs prematurely - I actually wanted to have them under different usernames - preferably "bad" and "ugly" (for continuity). The WordPress site didn't allow me to create these usernames - any name that has been used for a blog is barred from being created as a username (even if no-one actually has that username) - presumably to avoid someone else registering the name of your blog as their username.

    However, seeing as I myself owned these blog names and wanted to create the usernames associated with them, I contacted support to ask if they could do this, i.e. create a user account "bad" with blog and another user account "ugly" with blog

    They were happy to help and just required that I send them an different email address to register each new account with. It just took a little while to get this all sorted.

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