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    My question is: if I have a sudden urge to change the name ( to another ( how would I do that while maintaining all the information contained in the original ( Thanks.



    There is a way using the RSS feed for your first blog. If memory serves correctly there is a section in the pink sticky at the top of the forum.



    I think you also have to convert it to MT style as well so that it can be imported back in. I remember this coming up before as theres a translator for RSS into MT. Anyone remember?

    You may also want to send in a feedback to see if maybe one of the Key Masters can help out.

    Of course you could just manually move each and every post over….



    RSS2MT. I just banged my feed url into the box and it spat it right back out in MT export format. That is one nifty tool.

    Still, the information remains as limited as it always is with RSS (no comments, no pages, no blogroll…) so if you want to retain all the content, beg the developers to help you.



    do you export on RSS feed as “many” as 10 items?

    or, may be, RSS2MT just a demo…



    10 is the default number of posts in feeds, so yeah, if you give it a feed with ten posts it’ll spit ten posts back out at you; it may be clever, but it’s not clairvoyant.

    Next time I change my feed options to do an RSS backup, I’ll be sure to test it with fifty.


    I tried this and it looks like it is taking the <description> field rather than the <content> field of my rss feed’s posts. In other words, when I then try to import it back into, all the posts over a certain length get cut off with […]



    alas, that’s true. Randy’s RSS2MT converts experpts only.

    Matt has made an XML backup facility, it’s in testing stage now. I think we’ll see it at .com quite soon.

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