Transferring Blogs Between WordPress Accounts

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    I posted last night about a problem I’m having and I nearly have it figured out, but I wanted to get some final details worked out. I’m an author. I have my own blog on my own account. I also write under a pseudonym and I gave the pseudonym his own separate blog under my account. Unfortunately, the posts still bear my real name, which I don’t want and there seems to be no way to change this. I need to transfer the pseudonym’s blog from my personal account to the new account.

    So I’ve created a new account, also on WordPress, for the pseudonym. I’ve learned (I think) how to transfer the contents of the existing blog to a new one on the new account. (Go to the old blog’s Dashboard>My Blogs and hover the mouse over the blog name, select Transfer Blog and very carefully type in the new blog name, because typing it incorrectly will lose the blog completely.)

    Now here’s my next question: I bought a domain name that redirects to the blog. When I make the transfer, will the domain name automatically redirect to the new blog or will I need to do this by hand? And will I need to pay a second $13 redirect fee? (No problem if I do. I’m good for 13 bucks.)

    Also, when typing in the name of the new blog during the transfer, is it necessary to include the “http://”? And is the fact that both accounts are on WordPress a problem? Or does that make it even easier?

    The blog I need help with is

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