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Transferring domain to new host

  1. Password -trying to transfer my domain to another host and the DNS manager refuses to recognize my just created password and customer ID.^%$^%$^%$$.

    I've checked and checked and my information entry is correct. I gave up and started over creating a new password, same customer ID# and it STILL won't let me move forward.
    Thanks. Suggestions

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of the domain please?
    Did you purchase the domain through
    Have you owned that domain for longer than 60 days?

  3. Is this the URL in question?

  4. Are you the admin who created that blog and purchased the domain? If not, you'll need staff intervention which will probably be available Monday.

  5. There is no domain mapping upgrade for and it appears to be available for purchase.

  6. Thanks, The URL is Questions is

  7. Yes, I have owned the domain name for several years.

  8. Nameservers Validated!

    Confirm Primary Blog Settings
    You've set a different domain ( as primary for Although you can map more than one domain to your blog, only one can be primary. To read more about setting a primary domain, please see this documentation.

  9. Yes, I'm the admin who created the blog and purchased the domain. The original domain was I paid to upgrade to

    I'd like to transfer the domain to blue host. I printed out and was following the instructions from the wordpress support site. When I got to the screen to create a password to access the DNS screen, instead of letting me pass through, it locked me out. I tried several times to re-create another password, but nothing works. I've been more then a day now trying to get this resolved.

  10. This is to let you know I previously tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  11. Ok, thanks!

  12. You're welcome.

  13. This guide explains how to transfer the domain name to another registrar. Did you follow these instructions?

    I've just checked and the domain control panel is not locked, therefore you should be able to login. Please let me know what error message you get if you get stuck.

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