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Transferring Followers and Deleting

  1. Hello,

    I have two quick questions:

    1. I have recently hooked up Wufoo and Mailchimp to handle email subscribers. How can I shut down my built in WP subscribe list so it won't email out my newsletter twice?

    2. If I were to transfer my blog from .com to .org what would happen to all of the followers? Would they transfer as well if I got WP to transfer for me?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. I'm sorry but I don't have an answer and hope that another Voulteer or Staff provide one.

    2. What's available is a CSV file.

    Subscription Statistics
    Blog administrators can see how many people are subscribed to their blog from the Site Stats page:

    Clicking on the active number will show you the users who have subscribed with our Subscription feature in the admin bar. Clicking on “Email Subscribers” from this page will show the email addresses of all email subscribers, along with a link to download this as CSV..

    There is no way that I am aware of to upload that file into a self hosted self hosted site.

  3. this is different problem but potentially related

    I want to change several followers into authors. How do I do that
    the list that allows you to change status of people does not include followers

  4. how can i delete all of my followers?

  5. je fais comment pour me désabonner?

  6. @ruenvcomm
    Note becomin a blog follower does not imply becoming an author. A follower is merely a person who wishes to read your posts by RSS feedreader or by email subscription.
    The only choices you have are found here > user roles and these are the instructions for inviting and adding official users to your blog.

  7. @aascapes
    The simple answer is you can't delete followers from any public blog. You can't prevent anyone from subscribing to your RSS feeds. You can change your blog visibility to private if you wish. When a blog is made private, subscribers who are not official users will not receive emails of your posts. Subscribers who are users (which is more common on private blogs) will still receive emails.

  8. @mamangateau
    Français (French) :

  9. Thank you for your responds!

  10. @aascapes
    You're most welcome and best wishes with your site. :)

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