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Transferring followers to self-hosted site

  1. wanderingtaichi

    Hello Support,

    I have moved my site to a new self-hosted site installed jetpack and connected to

    I would like to have my followers (not content) moved to the new site please. I couldn't find anything to tell me how to contact you other than posting here.

    Thanks very much

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This thread is flagged for Staff attention. Please be patien while waiting.

  3. wanderingtaichi

    Thanks Timethief :)

  4. I have transferred your subscribers as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  5. wanderingtaichi

    Thank you macmanx

  6. You're welcome!

  7. sensorysmartparent

    Hello, I am also in the process of setting up my new self hosted blog , and I'm trying find a way to move my subscribers from to

    Is it possible to keep those subscribers, and move them to my new blog as well?
    Thank you!

  8. I have transferred your subscribers as requested.

  9. Hi there.

    Same with me.

    Can my followers please be transferred from to

    I've installed Jetpack


  10. I have transferred your subscribers as requested.

  11. Hi - I have the same issue. Would you mind terribly transferring mine as well? The WordPress is and the self-hosted address is I have installed Jetpack.

    Thank you so much.

  12. I have transferred your subscribers as requested.

  13. Hi,

    I would also like to transfer my subscribers to my self hosted site. self hosted :


  14. I have transferred your subscribers as requested.

  15. Thanks macmanx. One question. On my site, I had 160ish subscribers, but only 44 have transferred. Is that normal?

  16. thistimethisspace

    Only email subscribers can be transfered.

  17. Can email subscribers only be moved to self-hosted sites or can they also be transferred to another site?

  18. Hi,

    I have just moved my WordPress blog to a site and would like my followers transferred. Can this please be done. I have a total of 37 followers. Will they all get moved?

    Here are the details:

    new site:

    This is hosted via Bluehost and I have activated Jetpack.

    Thanks a lot.

  19. Hi, It's me again.

    I am having trouble with the WordPress website. My home page has suddenly gone blank and the site is not letting me import content again from my blog.

    Can anyone help me with this? Is this a BlueHost issue or WordPress? I was trying to change themes when this happened.

    Site name-

    please hold off moving subscribers till this issue is resolved.

    Thanks a lot.

  20. Is this a BlueHost issue or WordPress?

    It's a issue. You need to got to this page and register a username account there on the top right hand corner of the page.

  21. @timethief- Thanks a lot. I have registered with them and asked support for help. I will update this thread as soon as the problem is resolved so that the subscribers can be transferred.

    Best Regards,

  22. You're welcome and best wishes.

  23. Hi,

    My home page on the site is working fine now. Can the followers be shifted to the new site now please. Will all followers be shifted?



  24. I have transferred your subscribers as requested.

  25. Thank You. 22 followers out of 37 got transferred, I am guessing others got lost in the transition.

    Is there any way to retrieve them?


  26. Only email subscribers are transferred. The rest were Reader subscribers, and the Reader only supports blogs.

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