Transferring from Typepad to WordPress – help!

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    i really like wordpress and want to transfer from typad but i’m afraid i will lose all my tags and be tagged poorly on google if i just start anew, however the existing photos look terrible with the new wordpress template – does anyone have a suggestion as to how to hide it without deleting all the links or have my existing typepad links contribute to the impressions and click throughs for my new wordpress. Any help is appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    Whenever you move to a new URL, your site stats/ranking are going to take a hit. This is why having your own domain name is so important. You can take it wherever you decide to set up house.

    As far as images, I see that they are still pointing to the typepad address and this Support doc leads me to believe that it’s not possible to import media from Typepad.

    Sorry for no better news.

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