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Transferring from WordPress to lunarpages

  1. I am about to host my own domain with lunarpages, and I can use them to host a blog (and they support WordPress). My question is that can I have my current site ( redirect visitors to my new URL. Also, will my link on other peoples blog (blogroll)also redirect to the new site that way those links will go to my new site? Thanks

  2. you can put a link in a post, or in a page (and then go to options > reading and make that page the static front page), or put a link at the top of the sidebar.

    but no, you can't make it redirect. you can make it redirect to a subdomain (e.g. ), but that's a $10/year upgrade.

  3. Ok, thanks. That sucks because I am now going to lose my feedburner readers and all my blogroll links!!

  4. And your google ranking. And your technorati ranking.

  5. However, if you have faithful readers who follow your blog after it's imported and you continue to post regularly then your blog will recover it's ranking. As for your blogroll links these can be imported separately.

  6. if you have readers via feedburner, you can move the feed over from your feedburner dashboard.

    (anyone subscribed to will need to be told to move their subscription)

  7. Sun, just for teh record, the $10 upgrade doesn't work like that.

  8. FYI: Blogs don't recover their technorati ranking when they move. Nothing they have done in the past counts once the domain name changes. All they can do is build a brand-new technorati ranking and yes, people who've linked multiple times in the past will continue to link in the future, but I'd say the majority of my links and thus the larger part of my technorati ranking comes from people who hadn't linked to my blog before the domain changed on October 1.

    I have still not quite achieved the same rank as before the switch, although I should by the end of January.

  9. I thought you could get Technorati (Hey, I spelled it right again :) would combine the results of your blogs upon requests. That is if you could get a hold of them that is.

  10. They didn't for me, nor for engtech. Maybe they would do it if you could get ahold of their testicles.

  11. sorry, to clarify, i meant that you could redirect your wordpress blog seperately, as a subdomain of your new blog.

  12. @rain
    Oh my word ... *lol* what makes you think they have any?

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