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    Hi there ;-)

    This may take a bit of time explaining what my issues are so apologies in advance and hope someone can help!!

    My friend has a blog that I said I would help with as she was paying an extortionate amount of money to someone just to change a few things, which I did in five minutes. The problem is that I now realise that she has a .org blog account whereas mine is a .com so some of the things I wanted to do and founf easy with mine I can’t do on hers.

    I wanted to add a twitter feed but in downloading the file I quickly realised that I didn’t have access to upload via FTP as I think I’m right in assuming that I need info on where the site is hosted rather than the blog web page?? I could be wrong, but I think as her blog is hosted somewhere else that I can’t get access to, I won’t be able to do this?? The person hosting won’t give me access (quite rightly as he has loads of his other web pages that he doesn’t want me to have access to).

    The other think I wanted to do was set a feedback page for comments on her new business. Again looking on forums it stated that I may need to change something in the CSS as for some reason it said ‘comments are closed’ and didn’t allow anyone to leave a comment. Again, assuming that I don’t have access to where her site is hosted I won’t be able to do this as it has to be via FTP and the web hosting site?? Please correct me if I’m wrong and there is a way to do this.

    Further, I changed it to a WordPress theme to try and resolve another issue and in doing so I lost the banner image that she had. Again I’m assuming that I would need access to the theme code to change the image, which again I’m assuming is where the blog is hosted. I did try doing this by changing the html in the admin page of the blog but it hasn’t worked – I may be doing something wrong though.

    I think the blog would be better on a blog and know that this can be done. I have a few questions regarding that:
    Can the same web page addresses be kept – the reason being is that for some reason the web pages come up on the first page of Google, which is excellent and she doesn’t want to lose that;
    Does it cost any additional money?;
    Is it easy to do without doing much to the site once its transferred?

    Finally, I’ve managed to get some .tar files from the person hosting and I’m assuming he’s sent these to me so that I can host elsewhere, but I’m not sure what these are or how to get at them.

    The blog address is under this domain (I think its that way round) and the theme that she is using is Pink Tulip.

    I feel like I’ve taken on an unweildly beast after just thinking I wanted to help a friend out in setting up her business (she’s not happy I’ve lost her banner image!!). I hope that someone can answer some or all of the above and apologies that it’s posted on the .com site but I couldn’t get access to the .org site forum.

    Thank you so much in advance,



    Hi Sam,
    The differences between blogs and self hosted installs are stated in this support document >

    We can’t help here at with any issues at all. You need to register a username account on the top right hand corner of this page and post to the correct forums for that software.



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