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Transferring my blog to another user

  1. I wish to transfer the address of my blog to another user.
    Those interested please contact me!

    *Necessary information*

    intends to acquire this address to what kind of activity?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I already have knowledge of this page.

    This topic was created only for users interested in buying my blog address. Thank you!

    LeĆ­zo Araujo.

  3. I'm sorry but these are technical support forums only. We cannot post threads for any other purposes such as discussion, blog promotions and/or for selling blogs here at all. It's not allowed.

    This thread has been tagged for closure. Please do NOT continue to post into it.

  4. Is there a proper place where I'm allowed to do it?
    For this blog need to transfer for any user interested.

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