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    I have my domain name with Google but I decided I’d rather use wordpress. I dont’ understand what I’m being charged for and what I will need to pay going forward.


    Hi there,

    So, if you have domain you want to use at that you have hosted at Google, you have the option to map or transfer that domain.

    Whether you map or transfer your existing domain, you will need to purchase a plan. The personal plan ($48) is the base plan that you would at least need to purchase to use the domain with your site.

    Regarding mapping vs transferring the domain, the difference is who you want to host your domain. If you transfer the domain to, we’ll manage the domain. You’ll pay for the mapping and the plan here (domain is included within the plan price for the first year).

    But, if you keep the domain at your current host and map the domain to, you current host will continue to manage the domain and you’ll need to pay them for hosting your domain.

    For more information about domain, please visit our support page:


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