Transferring older-version, self-hosted blog to HELP please!

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    My blog has been hosted by a friend for years. That person is changing their business, so I need to move the blog. I’d like to transfer it to my existing (yet unused) blog.

    Several potential issues:
    1. My current version (the one hosted elsewhere) is an older version of WP — how difficult will it be to transfer my old posts into the blog?

    2. I see that I can use my own domain for $7/year – mapping the domain. But is there an additional fee for WP to host the blog?

    3. Or is it free if i keep the “” part in my domain name and I have to pay for hosting if I use my own domain name?




    In order of your questions:

    1. Not knowing what older version of WP you have, I would suggest these steps: Backup your site at your friend’s site. Then upgrade to the current version of WordPress on the site. Check to make sure the upgrade didn’t break anything. If it did, fix it, and then transfer the site to
    2. Unless you want additional space for files or want to avoid ads ($30/year) , there’s no additional fee for to host your site
    3. You can have a free site if your host name is as your site name. If you want to keep your previous site name, you’ll pay for the domain mapping. But there’s no hosting cost for a site.

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