Transferring stats and followers between domains

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    I’ve been having an issue consolidating my two blogs. Basically, I want to change the domain name of my original blog from to

    However, I think while trying to do the domain switch, I inadvertently created a new, blank blog with the intended domain. I had hoped that simply exporting my geowilly3 blog and importing it my georgedathird blog would fix it, but it didn’t transfer over the stats and followers.

    So I believe there to be two possibly remedies, neither of which I can figure out.
    A – somehow change my original blogs domain name and discard the new one
    B – transfer stats and followers to new blog, and discard the original

    I’ve always tried changing my georgedathird domain name in an attempt to free it up for my geowilly3, but that keeps resulting in a third blog, with an even sillier name

    Thanks in advance for bearing with me here, I’m incredibly bad with all things technology.

    The blog I need help with is

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