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    A few months ago I started playing around with a blog at wordpress just to get myself familiar with it. Recently I’ve made quite a few changes that I really like.

    I’m ready to go live, however the subdomain/url I originally registered for is not one I want for my blog. I registered a new domain (this account) however I can’t figure out how to import my old blog.

    Is there anyway to transfer the entire blog, presentation, widgets, categories and all, to a new subdomain? Basically what I am asking is whether it’s possible to move this content from to

    I’ve read prior posts that explain how to transfer only the content via RSS, but I actually don’t have much content yet. What I need is to export everything else.




    I’m going to start offering a transfer service shortly. I’m working on setup instructions this weekend and an install over on one of my boxes. The plugin for exporting on selfhosting WordPress blogs doesn’t work 100%. I would rather get it as close as i can before doing this.

    Well that’s for content and categories.

    Widgets are as far as I know not moveable.

    I’m trying to come up with a method for links.



    Thanks drmike. Maybe I’ll use my old subdomain for now and wait for the plugin that will allow me to export to a selfhosted blog, which I was going to do in the long run anyway.


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