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    Hello, I’d like to move my subscribers and stats from to (that is a site). Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Provided you have installed and activated the JetPack plugin on your install Staff can do the transfer of both subscribers and stats for you. I have tagged this thread for their attention.


    Yes, it is installed. Thank you!



    Hi. I would want the Support team to move my followers (ONLY MY FOLLOWERS, if possible) from to my self-hosted wordpress site @ . I have already installed Jetpack. Thanks


    @labellacreativa and @justmikemon we can move these followers for you.

    Please keep in mind that while your email subscribers will continue to receive email notifications of new posts as before, followers will only see new posts in the Reader. They will not receive email updates unless they subscribe to receive those on your new site. You might want to post a notice on your old site about your upcoming move to keep your readers informed.

    Can you two please reply back if you have any questions or let me know if you would like to go ahead and move your subscribers?



    Hello Andrewspittle,
    Thank you so much for your reply. I am happy I can post a notice for my readers as you said. I will do just that.

    Meanwhile, please go ahead with the movement of my followers. Thank you so much.

    Best regards,




    I wasn’t sure if I should start a new thread or not, but I would like my followers to come with me to my new site. My old site is My new address is I have Jetpack installed and operating. Thank you for your help.




    Hello Andrewspittle,
    I just checked my blog again and discovered that the transfer has not yet been done. Could it be that I did not do something right?



    Hi Andrew, thanks for the response. No need to move them since emails work wonders. Thanks though!



    Hello, I would like to request an import of stats and subsribers from to a self hosted wordpress.

    Currently the custom domain name is still pointed to blog, the self hosted wordpress has been Jetpack enabled and connected to

    Can the import be done before name server update? I have the ip address of the new server.

    Thank you


    @andrewspittle – upon further review, please transfer stats and subscribers
    Thank you!



    Hi @andrewspittle

    Please ignore my previous comment. The name server has been updated. The new wordpress site is ready and has been installed with Jetpack.

    I hope you can start importing the stats and subscribers from to when you’re ready.


    Hi Andrew,

    Just wondering if this was done yet.

    Thanks bunches! :)

    Warm Regards,



    HI there,

    @justmikemon- I have transferred your followers as requested.

    @jd1284- I could not find a Jetpack activated site with the url: the only one I found was: Please let me know if that’s the site you want your followers transferred to.

    @labellacreativa- Your followers have been transferred and your stats have been merged.

    @farisnasir- I could not find those sites in your account. Can you please reply in this thread from the account that owns these sites and I can transfer them for you.


    Thank you Grace!



    You’re welcome!



    Hii Gracejiyoung :) I just checked my blog to confirm that the transfer has been made. Thanks a lot :) I really appreciate it.



    Hii Gracejiyoung :) I just checked my blog to confirm that the transfer has been made. Thanks a lot :) I really appreciate it.



    Hi Grace, yes. is correct.

    Thx. JD1284




    Hi there,

    Your followers have been transferred! Thanks for the confirmation!

    and you’re welcome everyone!

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