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    Apologies if I’m duplicating a query that’s already been addressed. (Please let me know if the answer to this query has been posted elsewhere.)

    I currently have a blog from ( It’s a WordPress set-up (although woefully out-of-date).

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to easily transfer the posts from that blog to my WordPress blog ( (If needs be, I could do it manually.)

    P.S. As may be evident, I have only the feintest level of techy knowledge, so do treat me with kid-gloves! :)

    Thanking you,
    – Clicky,



    the easiest known to me way would be:

    1. go to RSS2MT transformer, enter the following URL into the input field:

    save to the text file what you get out there.

    2. go to the Import tab on Dashboard. Choose ‘Import Movable Type’.

    use file saved in step 1. as a source.

    not very ‘Potatriotique’ to leave .ie for .com though (sorry ;-)




    I know – perhaps I’ll have to rename the blog unPotatriotique.. (doh..)

    Anyway, cheers! – I’ll give that a go and see if I can wow myself with your techincal prowess.

    Ta! :-)

    P.S. When saving as a text file, do you mean in something like M$ notepad?
    *wanders back to ditzy-land* ;-)


    Okay, I’ve done steps 1 and 2 there, but something’s not quite right: If I’m logged in and viewing “Manage” my imported categories and posts show up (e.g. allowing me to edit them, etc.). When I go to, however, nothing shows up.




    do posts have a Published status on Manage/Posts tab?



    In ? Nop. It doesn’t specify any status. (All that’s listed is ID, Date, Title, Categories, No. of comments, Author [imported posts don’t have an author name].)

    Hm.. Maybe I should remain Potatriotique.. (Although therein lies the problem of not having a clue how to update the blog (WP) template. Oh, the perils of being a techy-illiterate..!)



    seem like newly imported items have a ‘Draft’ status by default and should be ‘Edited/Published’ to bring’em to the life (alas, each post manually since dashboard doesn’t have mass edit controls).

    and yes, you’ll have to make a step “0”, I forgot to tell you about: set an approrpiate number of msgs to export and [optionally] turn ‘Full Text’ mode at the original blog ‘Options/Reading’ page.

    Maybe I should remain Potatriotique.. (Although therein lies the problem of not having a clue how to update the blog (WP) template.

    well, they say: “Two moves are equal a fire” ;-)

    Template tweaking ain’t an easy thing at all, may be you ought to ask some local template gurus at to help ya?

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