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    Hey guys.

    I’ve recently transferred my blog from ( to (, but none of my subscribers were transferred. I’ve already tried jetpack, to no avail. Could someone (i.e. a staff member) possibly help me out? I’d appreciate it.

    Also, is it possible for my previous subscribers to continue to follow my site now that it’s privately hosted? Will they still receive notifications, or will they need to resubscribe via e-mail?

    Is there a plugin that allows other users to subscribe to my blog with the same one-click ‘Follow’ button (instead of inputting an e-mail)?

    Thanks for the help, this is all new stuff to me, so I’m a bit confused.

    Hope you had a nice weekend,

    The blog I need help with is



    You must install Jetpack and activate it first. Then Staff will transfer your email subscribers for you. Note that followers using the Reader cannot be transferred.



    P.S. This thread is flagged for Staff attention but it’s the weekend so please be patient while waiting.



    Make once the subscribers have been transferred – make a few Posts on your old blog to the effect that “I have moved – new post here” – and that will pick up some of the stragglers


    Thanks guys! I already installed Jetpack and everything works great, but none of my subscribers, e-mail or otherwise, made the transfer.

    Also, just wondering, is there a plugin that would allow me to automatically sync posts from my new, self-hosted blog onto my old blog? So that new posts get posted in both locations?



    We don’t do Plug-in’s here – auto-Posting is also not possible here and is against the Terms of service I think

    Duplicate content is very bad – you don’t want to do that – do a few word summery like I suggested above to the old blog

    The staff need to manually transfer the subscribers it is not an automatic thing – I have flagged this above for the staff to help you



    I’ve just transferred the subscribers to your self-hosted site.


    Hey, thanks.

    I’ve noticed that all the followers on my old blog have been removed and that my old blog’s subscriber count has been reset to zero… I’m not overly smitten with my self-hosted site, and I’m strongly considering transferring back to Would you be able to recover my subscribers that were deleted? It would make a huge difference in my decision.


    Member followers can’t be transferred to a self-hosted site. These followers are still subscribed to your blog though.

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