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Transferring wordpress followers to self hosted wordpress site

  1. Can you import my wordpress followers ( onto my new blog? ( Please - I was told I had to contact you to do this! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sure!

    First, however, you'll need to enable Jetpack on your other site. Once you have done that, just reply back here and I'll take care of that for you :)

    Please note that right now we can only transfer your email subscribers.


  3. Ahh okay! So you can't transfer my WordPress followers? Only the email ones?

  4. Only the email ones. The Reader Followers are only for blogs hosted on Leaving the community means leaving behind some of the benefits of the community as well.

  5. Just let me know when you get your Jetpack set up, and I can go ahead and move over those email subscribers for you.

  6. Thanks, but only 2 of them were via email, the rest were all followers, and I can't move those over can I?

  7. No.

  8. Right now we can't transfer your other followers, correct.

  9. Hi,

    We just purchased the "redirect" option from the WordPress store. I was wondering if you can help us transfer our followers. We have jetpack installed and enabled on our new site.

    This is our new blog site HISD News Blog


  10. Hi there, rcanales,

    Please confirm both URLs (old blog and new blog) in the body of the comment.


  11. Here you go...


  12. rcanales, you should be all set!

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