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    Firstly let me say that WordPress is brilliant, I’ve wanted to set up a decent blog for some time and now I’ve managed to do it. But I want to transfer my blog to a blog. I have got my server and upload the wordpress software. I was planning to copy the CSS from and paste it onto the files now on my server? Can I do this? Or is there another way of doing it.

    ( is harder to set up, for example you can not change the header image that you can with with



    You can change anything in your new blog – check the theme files for the header.

    Your current theme here is probably named and linked at the bottom of the blog. That link should lead you to the theme you need.



    I would like to do the same thing, move my .com blog to a .org blog how can I do this do I have to start again?



    – go to and choose your host
    – signup with them and get your site details
    – install WordPress there (usually they offer an easy WP install)

    Back here
    – Export the contents of your blog and save this to your computer. This saves posts, comments and pages. It does not save any theme or links (see the faq for that).

    In the new blog
    – Import the file that was saved.

    You now have 2 identical blogs and if you care about search engines you are advised to make the blog here Private so they do not see duplicate content.

    A consequence of moving is that you are no longer listed in our tags / search.

    You could set up a redirect from the old blog. This means purchasing an upgrade here (domain mapping) and instructions for that are in the faq.

    Any problems with any aspect of a .org blog needs to be taken up at though.

    Does that help?



    You’re a star, thank you, I’ll get to work ;)


    Would pictures be saved in the WordPress export file?



    Pictures you have to do yourself.

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