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    Hi, I have just had my site redesigned and built, which has also involved it being moved off onto… I want to move my blog subscribers across to make sure I don’t lose them. I had asked about this a couple of months ago and one of your staff staid that you would be able to help me transfer the list once the new site was up and I had installed jetpack. Have done both those things and would greatly appreciate your help now please! The wordpress blog was / is (I have it mapping through the website currently) and the website is

    Thanks so much!

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no means of transferring subscribers from subscriptions to Mailchimp.



    You received an answer from Staff on that here Feb 11, 2014, 8:20 PM



    re: transferring subscribers to
    Provided you have installed and activated the JetPack plugin on your install, and you post the relevant URL(s) into a forum thread, Staff will do the transfer of both subscribers and stats for you. Do that now please as I have tagged this thread for their attention.


    Hi Timethief,

    Thanks for responding – I didn’t know how to notify the staff as the previous post (with response) had been closed by WordPress.

    My account was/is and the ‘new’ site is

    Thanks again,



    You can actually do your own migration, assuming you have Jetpack installed and connected to the same account as your site. For more information, please see


    Hi Jackiedana,
    Thanks for the info, I’ve did the migration process according to the instructions in the link you sent through and it’s gone through successfully.
    Are you able to advise whether I am able to stop the email subscribers from being notified – i.e. emailed – each time I publish a post? With the new website I’ve set up a Mailchimp account and e-newsletter campaign which emails a summary of posts every 1-2 weeks. I already extracted the WordPress email subscribers into Mailchimp, so they are on that e-newsletter list… I’m wondering how to prevent that doubling up? Any advice?



    The whole point of following a site is to receive notifications. You can let people know that if they subscribe to the Mailchimp newsletter they may wish to remove themselves as a follower on your site.

    For more information on Jetpack subscriptions, see:

    You can also turn off that module:

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