Transitioning to new domain without losing search cred

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    A very question-able day for me today, I fear. I am looking at options for changing the name of my main professional ranting blog without losing subscribers or search cred, or, at least causing as little damage as possible. My end point for my transition will probably be self-hosted wordpress, under my own business domain. That won’t happen soon, but it probably will happen. Maybe a year away, maybe 6 months.

    My immediate goal is to get my business domain linked up to with my content, which lives at

    I see two options for doing this:

    1. remapping a subdomain of my domain to, and hosting the other site content on my hosting service (this works fine)
    2. remapping my whole domain to, and adding some brochure-ware content via, and meanwhile using my hosting service to develop a more richly featured site

    2. is easier in the short term as I don’t have to then do a separate web site right away, but it does imply that I will have to re-organise the landing page of the blog, etc.

    Here’s my question:

    are there any search-ability implications for making this change? basically, are my two short term strategies equal in terms of their effect on my search ‘cred’?

    I have one post in particular that still attracts a steady daily stream of traffic via google, over a year after it went up. I would not like to lose it by a redirect. (But if I have to – I have to!) My thinking is that I won’t actually lose it but I admit to being a bit foggy about the details here…!

    Advice and ideas welcome.

    Any advice?

    The blog I need help with is



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