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    I would like to suggest a new feature for all users. That feature would be a Translate function that could take a post in any language and translate to the readers own language.


    Hi there,

    Have you looked at our guide on setting up an multilingual blog?

    Or are you looking for something more specific to an individual post?



    Hi @darnelldibbles thanks for your suggestions. I have a follower who posts in Russian. I understand there is a Translate plugin but I don’t have or need a Business plan. My idea was along the lines of a button or something to translate the post. @lizkarkoski helpfully suggested that I get the Google Translate browser extension, which works up to a point, but a built-in function would be better.



    At the moment, we don’t have anything for this built-in, except for plugins that would be available under the Business plan.



    Thanks @macmanx. I just posted this as an idea that might be taken up in the future.

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