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  1. I write my blog in Dutch. My question is if it is possible to put a button on itt (maybe google tranlate button)to translate the words in English, so the people can click on this button for a translation in English.

    I look on
    where can I put the HTML text, so the translate button is visible on my blog.

    Ronald Poels

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just tested it on my own blog and the code dissapeared. doesn't support some code.

  3. It doesn't support javascript, but it does support plain HTML code. Without SEEING the code, we can't offer suggestions.

    Paste the code here between backticks so it displays properly: backtick, all the code, backtick.

  4. is this the code you mean :

    " <script src=""></script> "

    i think it will not work with you , it's javascript code .

    but if you want to translate your blog into English you can use :

    enter your blog URL there and get the translated page URL then paste it to a text widget in your side bar .

  5. sorry for this , this is the code :

    <script src=""></script>

  6. Thank you. Yes, that's javascript and it won't work here at all. There IS a workaround, though.

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