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translate buttons

  1. hello,

    i would like to translate the language of the buttons such as " like, edit, leave your comment here, reply... " into slovene.

    where on the page can i do this and which is the code that i have to use?

    thank you for your reply and help.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    We do have support forums in other languages.
    We also have translations Forum but as I don't have an answer I tagged this thread for Staff help.

  3. Thanks for your interest in helping complete the Slovenian translation of!

    We use a system called GlotPress to manage translations, which you can see here when logged in:

    The Slovenian version of can be found here:

    To find out how to get involved, have a look at:

    You can start the ball rolling by making a request to become a Slovenian translator in the Translations Forum that timethief mentioned earlier. We also highly recommend that you get in touch with the Slovenian localization community.

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